We Are The Millennials

I candidly share my unfiltered personal experiences and thoughts on a variety of topics that resonate with our generation, the millennials.

About me

Greetings! I’m Imen, an adventurous soul hailing from the vibrant land of Tunisia. My journey through life is an ongoing exploration, fueled by a relentless pursuit of new adventures and a boundless dream to uncover the undiscovered.

Dynamic and driven, I am on a mission to create a positive impact through the realm of new media. With a diverse background encompassing blogging, digital media mentoring, content creation, marketing, and youth leadership, I’ve cultivated a unique skill set that sets me apart.

In 2019, my efforts were acknowledged on a global scale as I proudly secured a spot among the British Council’s Top 100 Young Media Makers Worldwide. Additionally, I was honored as a Young Arab Media Leader by the Arab Youth Center UAE, marking a significant milestone in my journey.

As a devoted Youth Representative, I have actively contributed to fostering youth development. From 2017 to 2022, I founded Creativeناس, a platform dedicated to addressing the lack of media access for young artists and content creators. Through this initiative, I empowered over 26,000 followers by providing enhanced reach, visibility, job opportunities, and the means to pursue their passions.

My commitment to empowering the youth extends into the digital realm through my new media broadcast, إحنا الملنيلز. Here, I openly share unfiltered experiences and thoughts on topics that resonate with our generation – the millennials. It’s a space where authenticity and relatability reign supreme, and I extend a warm embrace and support, especially to those navigating the complexities of Bipolar.

Join me as I continue to explore, create, and inspire positive change through the fascinating world of new media. Let’s uncover the limitless possibilities that lie ahead!


Imen Riahi

I’ve harbored, and continue to nurture, a vivid dream of traversing the entire globe, or at least soaking in as much as humanly possible. My insatiable curiosity craves the exploration of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and religions—I yearn to immerse myself in the tapestry of human experience, embracing them all.

Imen Riahi

I once carried the weighty fear of mediocrity, tirelessly searching for my unique skills and battling the haunting specter of failure. There were moments when my ambitions wavered, and I found myself adrift on the path to realizing my dreams. Yet, I’ve come to realize that my true strength lies in sharing my vulnerabilities with the world and embracing authenticity. I do it not just for myself, but for the countless millennials who resonate with similar struggles—I find solace in the knowledge that I am not alone in this journey.



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We Are The Millennials

We Are The Millennials